Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Writing time

If I'm serious about writing for a living, how much time should I give over to writing? Probably more than I should. But the trouble with working full time and having a family to take care of is that writing gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. There's often something else that I should be doing, washing, ironing, hoovering, cooking etc etc. It's not exciting but it has to be done and it's part of being a wife and mother which is afterall my first job. (Just kidding it's not a job it's a pleasure - yeah right, ironing is always a pleasure.)


SallyQ said...

You iron?

Seriously, I know what you mean. Our kids have left home now and I've got much more writing done since they did. But I don't work full time, though I was working part-time for a while. I think we sometimes have to be a bit selfish and say to the family 'I want this time to write' and make sure they understand.

womagwriter said...

I haven't ironed since 1995.


Gonna be a writer said...

I don't mind the ironing but I can't stand putting the ironed clothes away. Irrational or what!!!!