Sunday, 22 July 2007

This week I will...

w/c 22/07/2007
  1. Work daily on NMBK.
  2. Edit a couple of stories that were written about the same character. I need to give him more depth.
  3. Submit the story I edited last week to the Writers News competition.
  4. Go through the Short Story file and give a rejected story another chance, after polishing it up a bit of course.

There's not a lot this week as I have some other stuff going on in my life this week which will come before writing so I'm not sure just how much time I'll get.


Lane said...

Hi there
Good luck with your objectives this week. They always look so achievable written down. I came across your blog via 'Wannabe a Writer' messageboard. What a great book.
All the best Lane

Gonna be a writer said...

Hi Lane,

I find writing it down really helps me a lot. I've managed to do so much more since I started doing it.
You're right about the book, Jane is always full of such good advice. The fact that she makes me laugh is just an added bonus.
Take care