Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well I never

I just googled the old parentheical statement and I realise I've been doing it for years without realising it. That's probably because they weren't called that when I was taught English or maybe they were and Mrs Wilkinson forgot to mention it. Either way, I'm still not keen on breaking up the sentence up with dashes. And while I'm on the subject and my high horse I think that "breaking up the sentence" is better than the "setting off the sentence" that the editor chose to use.
Okay, best get down before I get saddle sore.
BTW since the last time I was here Nice has moved on by a mere 200 words or so (who am I kidding? Its more like 100) and I've spent the rest of the time looking into getting a better quote for my car insurance.

I didn't know I could....

...write one that is.
Let me explain.
I received an email yesterday which I have just opened from an editor saying that in a recently submitted article, I had written " a parenthetical statement." Really? Can anybody tell me what one of those is because I have absolutely no idea and certainly didn't know that I could do one. Way to go me! I have a new skill. Apparently I could have set it off with dashes rather than commas but I'd rather not of they don't mind because I'm not really fond of a dash in a sentence but I do quite like a comma.
On a different note I have a Sunday morning to myself so that involves a bit of writing (should be a lot but I'm making no promises) with a (now) nearly empty cup of Earl Grey by my side while the lovely Roger Federer plays tennis in the background (on the television that is, not actually in my living room.)
The writing that I should be doing is my Nice project which is currently around 28,000 words long and we are just getting to the crux of the matter as it were so it is an interesting time. I suppose I should sort out my "parenthetical statement" issue too at some point.
Maybe I'll put the kettle on again first.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The One Show

Did anyone see Richad and Judy on the One Show last night? Well without meaning for this to sound like sour grapes I did want to throw something at the television when Richard called his wife a "full time writer." Okay he is right because that is her job now, she is writing a book but who amongst you out there has received a two book deal without the first book even being finished? Not many I'm willing to bet.
What hope have the rest of us got when celebrities are given book deals on the back of their names?
Okay so I know it does sound like sour grapes but its too late now because I've said it.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Decision made

Okey dokey, whether she likes it or not I have decided the route that MC will take so onwards and upwards with that one.
Update on the fence. Himself has effected a repaur that means that we can at least unbar the dog flap allowing said dog to be able to go into his own (and only his own) garden and do whatever it is he does out there.
Okay, time to go and make burgers. Yes, you heard me right, I make my own burgers. Tonights version will be seasoned with tomatoes and oregano and served with mushroom and cheese on a poppy seed bun. They will be accompanied by sweet potato wedges and a side salad. Hows that for domesticity. So there you have another little known fact about me. I love cooking.

Writing +

The problem with writing a blog just about writing is that sometimes there's not a lot to write about and that makes for a very dull blog.
So what else is happening? well one of our fence panels is or rather was in the neighbours garden. Its now propped up half in the cupboard under the stairs and half in the kitchen. I should point out that the said cupboard is in the kitchen, the panel is not in two pieces, it is however I fear beyond repair. Not a lot we can do until the wind drops apart from keep the dog out of the garden. My neighbours fence is still intact as far as I can see so he couldn't go far, but best he doesn't go exploring someone else's garden without their permission. However because if the positioning of the now defunct fence panel in/out of the cupboard under the stairs it does mean that I can't get to the basket of ironing so it will have to remain not ironed at least for now. Every cloud eh.
On a writing note I have reached an impasse in my Nice project. What? Again? I hear you cry. Yes I have. 24,000 words in, my MC has a decision to make and depending on that decision, the story will move on in one of two ways. At the momnet, after this mornings efforts I'm not sure what she will decide. I think I need a piece of paper and a pros and cons list for each choice and go from there.
Yetserday was the first anniversary of the day that I was told I was being made redundant. It was horrible at the time but lookig at it now I think that it was for the best. Some things are worse like my salary and my team but as a former colleague told me a few weeks ago it took me ten years in my previous post to build those up so I need to give myself a break.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years resolutions

Don't worry - I'm not going to bore you with a long list because I'm not going to bother with the long list of stuff that I don't stick to.
No I have only one and that is to shift the unhealthy amount of excess weight that I have carried around for too long.
There I've said it now.
As far as writing goes - I'm going to try and do it to the best of my ability.
Here's to 2012.