Friday, 23 March 2012

Nice Project update and other stuff

I have finally accepted that the Nice project is highly unlikely to be finished by the deadline that I set myself which was the best part of four months longer than the original one.
The first draft is finished, in as much as the basic story is told but I needed to add around 19,000 words to get it to the length that it needs to be. You may remember that I intended to find those by developing characters and adding a couple of situations and while that is still the case, progress is proving to be slower than I anticipated. I have just taken a current word count and I still need to find just shy of 16,000 words for it to reach the publishers required length.
I'm not giving up on it though because I think that it has potential and is not that bad for a first attempt at a new genre.
On a different note I am still waiting to hear back about any of the short stories that I have submitted recently and yes I know it goes with the territory but it is a little disheartening all the same. I did however sell a short non fiction piece this week - well more of a filler really - just 250 words but at the end of the day a sale is a sale.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Progress or lack thereof

Well the Nice project is not coming along as quickly as I had hoped that it would mainly due to life getting in the way of dreams as it does on a regular basis. However I did have a pleasantly productive morning this morning which moved it on 600 words or so in the hour that I could give over to it. I think that it may move along quicker the further that I get into it because at the moment I am at the scene setting stage and that was pretty much done anyway so didn't need much tweaking but when we get to the nitty gritty as it were it will be a different kettle of fish entirely (hopefully.) Anyway an hour was all that I could give it at the moment so I'll have to be happy with that. As often happens on a day off the kitchen is calling me and I can feel quiche and a lemon drizzl cake coming on. Maybe even some cookies or shortbreads too.
On a different note, I still haven't heard back about any of the stories that I have sent out and as some of you know they were the first that I had sent out in a while so I just wondered what waiting times were like for various magazines these days. I've had several out since October and while 6 months used to be pretty standard some were sent to magazines that always replied quicker than that.
Anyway better go because I've just remembered the pile of ironing that needs to be fitted in.