Sunday, 20 November 2016

What a week.

Its been a week to remember make no mistake.
On Tuesday my book (previously known as BTL) Things I Should Have Said and Done, was published by the lovely people at Accent Press
which made me very happy. I've also been out and about in Blogland and have visited (in no particular order) weheartwriting, My Reading Corner, Swirl and Thread and the first people to invite me over The Guest Room at Wannabeawriter. There was also flowers and lunch out with Mr Mc on Friday and I understand there'll be a champagne breakfast this morning.
It wasn't all good news though. On Wednesday I had a cracked tooth and a warning light on the car on Thursday. Happily both rectified now - so bring on the champagne.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

First review

Read my first Goodreads review here. Also I see that the publishers are going a giveaway. Cause for a tipple I think.


Can't believe its just over two weeks until the renamed BTL sees the light of day as a real live book. Who says dreams don't some true? I spent a bot of time thinking about this when I woke up at 3am because my internal clock is still running on BST. I wonder how it will feel to see the first copy - a bit like getting my first plastic fiver I expect - a bit unreal. It also occurred to me that this time next year my third book will be (if it has been delivered on time) in the hands of the publishers and I will be out of contract. That made me a bit sad - well a lot sad really if I'm honest because I'm enjoying the ride - so far. I still don't think of myself as a writer though. Inside I think I'm still that 'Gonna Be..' that I was when I started this blog.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

This and that

Several things have happened since I was last here.
We went to The Lakes for a few days, the weather was kind to us and it was lovely. I planned on putting a picture here but just remembered that they are saved on my laptop and I'm on Mr Mc's. Never mind imagine blue lake, blie sky with mountains in the background - it was very pretty.
After that I went back to work and hurt my shoulder. Its a common occurrence but seems to be taking longer to heal this time. It happens when you play netball with 7kg bags of rags.
I'm working on the first draft of DB and so far so good nut its very early days and I had a call from Accent on Friday saying that TISHSaD is ready to go to print. Yay!
Think that's the last few weeks up in a nutshell so now it's time to catch up on what everyone else has been up to.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

I was recently asked to write a guest post on the blog which was exciting. I started to feel like a bit of a writer though the feeling soon passed. If anybody asks I work for Barnardo's - I am not a writer.Anyway, I digress, the subject of my post was 'Planner or Pantser?' Personally I am a pantser. Almost no planning went into TISHSaD and not a lot more for NRIMH. DB will take a lot more planning so hopefully I will discover that I am a planner at heart.
So my question id the same as my post Planner or Pantser? And, if any of the planners out there could give me a bit of advice I would be very greatful.
Mr Mc and I are heading off today for a few days away. We are celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow. See you when I get back.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


I received this yesterday  which is the artwork that will be used to promote my book on social media. There were several versions including "pre order now" and "new release" but this is he blank version. I don't get where the tree comes in but it sure is pretty.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to the good old pink pen

I've tried to be a proper writer and sit at my keyboard, fingers flying over the keys to form the words on the screen but to be honest it's not working for me. I wrote the second part of my second book like this and it was such a chore because I found I was doing a lot more editing, correcting etc. So I have just started book three and I did it the way that book one was wrote i.e. on paper using the pink pen and I feel so much more at home.
Guess I'm just an old fashioned kind of girl.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Happy child.

Its been a funny day and not funny haha.
My dad died a year ago today. He was an old man and had  had a good life. His last day had been a good one. He had spent the day doing the things that he enjoyed doing and then he died. I think about him pretty much every day but more so today.
I've also thought a lot about how my life has changed in the last year. This time last year it would be another three weeks before I was offered my book deal. That came on the day that he was buried which was also the day that my mum died. I am so grateful to them for the childhood they gave me.