Sunday, 5 June 2016

Does anyone....

know how to delete a blog? I'm not thinking of deleting this one, just an old one that I no longer maintain. Its sitting on my dashboard minding its own business but I would rather it wasn't there. It's a bit like my obsession for having an empty inbox. Irrational I know, but hey that's me.

Guilty Pleasure

 I'm curious to know about other people's guilty pleasures, we all have them. I'll let you into my secret.
On my day off during the week (usually a Friday but other days are available) I love to iron. I can hear the groans form here but hey what can I say I enjoy ironing. I detest putting the stuff away though but that's just me be irrational but the actual process of ironing I find really relaxing. However that's just a pleasure. The guilty one is that while I'm ironing I love to watch a really bad film. Disaster movies are my favourite, you know the type, killer bees, snowstorms, Armageddon on a global scale that sort of thing. And they can't be well made films, no they have to be the ones with dodgy acting and even dodgier special effects. I love them.
Come on. I've shared mine, what's yours?

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Dim question

This isn't the first dim question that I've asked here and I'm sure it won't be the last.
As you know I am currently writing book 2 (NRIMH) and I wondered what state that should be in when I submit it to my publisher. Its not really a question I suppose because I know what state it will be in when I submit  it but I've been reading a lot lately (well a bit at least) how some authors submit their books (and I'm not talking first books here)  to their agents, publishers or whoever and they come back for a sometimes total over-hall. I suppose my question is do I treat it as I did the first one or at least what do you guys do?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Catching up

Anyone who follows me on FB will know that book number 2 has been finished for a while - well the first draft anyway and the revisions are well under way. I am happy (ish) with the way that the revisions are coming along but I am occasionally riddled with self doubt. Is it any good and all that sort of thing. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.
In other news, Book number 1 has been renamed. It was BTL and is now TISHSaD. I am okay with that because BTL was only ever a working title. I got an email from my editor the other day with the proposed cover, It is really pretty but I'm not sure its what I was expecting. That's not to say that I don't like it because I do - I just didn't get it at first. After a couple of days I now understand what the designers were aiming for.
For years you guys here and my dear friend Jan were the only people that knew that I wrote and now I am having to tell people in the outside world. I am no longer writing just for me. Anyway yesterday I told my boss not because I think I'll be giving up the day job any time soon but because when it comes to promoting the book the fact that I work for a charity might be mentioned so I thought I should warn her. I now have to tell someone further up the pecking order as well so I'll drop them an email next week. I showed her the cover picture that is on my phone and my hand was shaking - it's ridiculous.
Today in my number 2 son's birthday so happy birthday AT.
What else? well I had a couple of days in Blackpool last week when I went for a conference and it was freezing - especially when you were dressed up as a flapper. God knows what the tram conductor thought when we got on the tram, Having said that, I dare say he's used to it in Blackpool.
So that's about it really, life is plodding along quite nicely - work - revisions - work - revisions - nothing much to tell you which is one of the reasons that I haven't been around for a while.
One last thing - next Tuesday is the 3rd anniversary of my kidneys packing in and having my first dialysis session. Well actually the dialysis is probably Wednesday because it happened in the middle of the night. Lot of water under the bridge since then.
So if you can bear the mundane I'll be back soon.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Maybe next time.

I am such a bad blogger. Sorry blog, I have neglected you.
So what's happened since the last time we spoke? Well the day job continues apace and the night job (well evening rather than night) is keeping me busy too. All in all very busy.
Book number 2 (NRIMH) is almost at the end of the first draft. This excites me because I want to get on to the revisions. As I've been writing I've been thinking that this needs changing or that needs rewriting so I want to get on with that. I gave myself the deadline of the first draft being finished by April 30th so we're looking on course for that.
What else? Well the new sofa I mentioned in my past post has settled in quite nicely. The dog doesn't have as much room to spread out as he did with the last one but he manages - usually by laying on someone.
This is day 2 of 4 off work and I've impressed myself by writing 2.5k words this morning though I don't know how some of you write all day. I'm shattered.
I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but I've registered for PLR. I need to look into the Society of Authors too as  lovely fellow author who has helped me right from the beginning suggested I do and I trust her judgement.
That's it I think. I really can't think of anything else that has happened in the last month - not that might remotely interest you anyway.
I will try to be more interesting next time.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hack at Heart

I'm well into the first draft of NRIMH but I was a bit lost about where it was going. Thanks to a proverbial lightning strike  though I now know where I'm going with it which excites me because I want to get on with it and frustrates me because I'm really busy with the day job so I can't get to write as much as I would like.
I sent a short story off the other day - its a long tome since I had any success in that department. I thought just after I got the contract that maybe I should give up on the short stories and concentrate on the book but the truth is that I always saw myself writing different things and no just fiction. I really enjoy researching non fiction too. Hell I've even been known to write the odd poem. I think I'm just a hack at heart. 
On a different note we had a new sofa delievered today which is well overdue. So what if the old one was a but shabby? It was so darned comfy.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

What to do

I'm reading a book at the minute that's set in "Dickensian" England and when I was a few pages in I declared (out loud) that it was written by an American. Nothing wrong with that. The give away was that a character got his "check book" out. Turns out I was right (just call me Sherlock) and the book is written by a group of journalists from the New York Times that "love"  that period. So I'm still reading this book because I am interested in what happens but I am constantly on the look out for more "Americanisms". Today's was when a character put something in the pocket of his pants. Oh I should have said that the story is told in the first person by an English gentleman. He would not say pants. However, the biggest faux pas (so far - still a hundred pages to go) was when they said that the nursery rhyme line "and pretty maids all in a row" has something to do with the killing of Lady Jane Grey. Well it may well be because I've got no idea but I do know that it wasn't Mary Queen of Scots that was responsible for it. Wrong person methinks. Part of me wants to email them and point out these things like the "English rose" who describes some bloke as a prick but another part of me tells me to behave and just enjoy the story.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Quick chat

Oh my its nippy.
Just thought I'd pop over and say hello.
I'm on holiday next week and just have to work tomorrow but that'll be an ok sort of day so given that I'm not doing a lot today its like being in holiday already. I did grocery shopping this morning, then a bit of ironing, I've caught up with some admin and got about 500 "new" words down on NRMIH so I'm feeling very chilled. Going to have a cup of tea and watch last night's "Elementary" before meeting up with Himself for a late lunch though you could probably call it tea because I don't think I'll want to eat again later. Hey this body can afford to miss a meal. especially after the other day when I had to sent a photo of myself of to the publisher. I mean I'm not HUGE but I could do with dropping a pound or two. The steroids make that progress slow but I'll give it a go.
Not much else to report this week. Life is jogging along quite nicely. The day job is tickety boo and the night job will hopefully come along better this week. There were other things that needed to be done last week, connected to the book but not actual writing so I know the 500 words I mentioned earlier don't sound like a lot but I'm easing my way in gently.
Anyway must go. Johnny Lee Miller is calling my name as is the tea pot.