Sunday, 22 July 2007

What I did last week

No entry yesterday or Friday. On Friday Hinself picked me up from work and took me to dinner which was lovely and then yesterday I'd just had a really bad day at work and all I wanted to do when I got home was curl up on the end of the sofa and go to sleep (which I didn't do incidentally but I didn't put the computer on either.)
Last week I set the following tasks.
1. Write 500 words on NMBK - did that and then some.
2. Type and edit a story I written in Harrogate - did that and submitted it to Shortalk.
3. Go through short story folder and resubmit an old story - did that.
4. Submit a travel aticle to my local paper - I didn't do that. I decided to send a query to the travel editor who replied saying that they'd just done a piece on a similar subject.
5. Edit the story I wrote for a competition - did it.
I also queried a different magazine about an article I plan to write and although they didn't say they wanted to see the prose they do want to see some photographs.
For last weeks efforts I give myself a 7.5

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