Sunday, 27 March 2011

Still no sign

I managed to do both things. I caught up on a bit of sleep and I also did some rijigging. I have now completed chapter 1 (round of applause) and guess what? There's still no sign of G. I have however decided on the perfect place for us to get our first glimpse of him and I believe it will towards the end of chapter 2. I'm thinking that his introduction will be brief and fleeting which of course both mean the same thing but I'm sure you catch my drift as it were. We and MC will see him briefly and maybe at this stage not pay hime too much attention, only later will his importance become apparant. This idea only dawned on me about five minutes ago and I am very excited about it.

Best laid plans

Thanks to the workings of my internal clock which somehow managed to take the loss of an hour into consideration I still woke up at the normal time. So instead of the usual 6 hours sleep I managed to get 5. Yay!!!! However I was awake and bright eyed so I've got on with the day and will hopefully catch up with the sleep later. That means that I did a couple of hours writing which is as we speak winging its way towards Editorland (wherever that is) and this afternoon I'm planning another hour on BTL. That is not written stone however as I may well be snoozing on the sofa this aternoon.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Weird week

It has been such a weird week.
I started it as the employee of one charity and ended it as the employee of another and have worked everyday inbetween. In a way its a good thing that I didn't have a break because it didn't give me time to dwell on what was happening but boy am I tired. The three day induction that I have had with my new employers has involved a 40 minute drive morning and night which is way more than I am used to. Luckily for me, from Monday its a 10 minute drive well 15 probably to my new place. So while I would normally have fitted writing into the few hours that I'll have spare in the morning something tells me that I will probably be asleep.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

1st report

Okay so I spent almost an hour tweaking BTL and I thought I would report on progress. Well, considering I haven't touched any fiction writing since the October it went alright. It felt fine.
There are now 66 more words than there were before and none of them refer to G - he hasn't reappeared yet. However my MC has finally found her voice. The interested agent from last year said that she liked the voice of the MC but now it is perfect - just right for her - and me.
I have to say that there have been times in the last few months when I wondered if I would ever touch fiction again because the non fiction is ticking along nicely but after making the committment in Blogland to do it and actually making the effort to find the time, I really enjoyed it.

Rejig starts today

Remember that rejig of BTL that I said I would start in April and give yself 6 months to do? Well, alright, I know its not April but I'm starting it today and I am giving myself until the end of October to complete it. I don't anticipate getting much done before April though mainly due to a bungle on my part which means that I'll be working at my current job (apart from today and Sunday) until next Wednesday and starting my new job on Thursday. Also an appointment this afternoon means that I won't get more than an hour to look at it today. I just wanted to make the public commitment to doing it (hence the post) because I'll be more inclined to do it then. I still don't know where I'm going to find the time to do it but I will - from somewhere. I hear that sleep is very over-rated.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


My head has been all over the place since January. Although I never said the word, I know that most of you probably realised that I was losing a job that I loved and being made redundant. I've been there a long time (9 years) and its a job that I've enjoyed. During February there was a chance that I could stay with the organisation but it would involve an hours commute in the morning and another one at night. I considered that for a while though I wasn't looking forward to the drive. Then I was offerred the chance to do the same job for a different organisation only 7 1/2 miles away from where I live so I snatched their hands off.
Needless to say, writing has not been a priority for me in the last three months.
So here's the situation at the moment. I have one more week of actual "work" which won't be easy because to see a place dieing on its feet is not nice and I work with volunteers who are going to find the process particularly hard so I'm going to be doing a lot of "picking up" this week. Then after that there are 3 days of actual closure. Then , and I know this was bad planning on my part, I start my new job the next day.
Hopefully when that process is out of the way I can start getting back to normal.
Also as some of you know, I used to write fiction with varying amounts of success but after a particularly unsuccessful early 2010 decided to concentrate on non fiction which I have been doing since October. That is going okay and I will still continue with that but from April I want to work on fiction again - or at least some of it.
My novel BTL had some interest from an agent last year but there were some twaeks that they wanted, Sadly after the tweaks they still didn't "love" (their words) enough to take it on. Personally I think that the tweaks requested were too harsh but they did make for better writing. So, from April I am going to give myself 6 months to tweak BTL again - not going as far as the agent wanted (they made me get rid of G and as those of you that have lived through this with me know - I love G, nay maybe even a little in love with him) but making the writing more of the style that the agents tweaks created, Sorry if that last sentence makes no sense but on here I write as I think and once its said, its said, just like in a proper conversation between friends.
That's the plan anyway.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


I start a new job in at the end of the month (Yay!!!!) but it means that I've moved here to Frugal City. I'm sure that it will be a lovely place to live but I'm on my own over there so if anyone fancies popping over with their own words of wisdom now and again that would be great. If anyone would like to come and live in Frugal City I'm sure that there are places to stay at a reasonable price.
On a serious note I'm really looking forward to the challenge of the new job but the initial rewards will not be financial - hence the move to Frugal City. Actually its a place that I've tried to visit from time to time in the past but somehow stark economics have a way of focusing the mind.
Anyway now that the day job has been sorted maybe I can settle down to writing again.