Thursday, 24 February 2011

A mixed bag

Writing went well earlier today and I achieved what I wanted to do. The Editors (I think of them as a life form like The Klingons) weren't so happy with something that I did the other day but thats a rewrite not an outright rejection so that was alright too.
Tonight though the article I wanted to research has fallen flat and I have achieved nothing but that could well be down to one of two things:
1. The fact that I spent an hour crying for no reason - must be my age
2. When I decided that A glass of Port would cheer me up, I drank too much of it and now all I want to do is go to sleep.
Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, I've lost a follower. Hope they're not under the ironing pile because if they are they are lost forever.

Friday, 18 February 2011


... for being such a bad and infrequent blogger. Goodness knows what my new followers must think. I used to have things to say once upon a time - and now and again some of them were interesting.
My only excuse is that things are still up in the air regarding the day job and as I'm sure at least some of you will know that occupies pretty much every waking hour of the day. Well that's not my only excuse actually, the other one is that I haven't really done anything that's worth mentioning. Maybe that is connected to my first excuse though.
Since I stopped writing fiction I'm not struggling with word counts or rejigging plots and I just seem to get on with it. I'm still not as prolific as I was before Christmas but that may also be connected to the first excuse. if only I didn't need a day job life would be so much easier. Some of you may remember though from the full time writing experiment earlier in the year I cannot support myself through writing and I do need a day job. Plus, for me personally (and this could prove a problem if I do get my fiction mojo back and get a book deal which means I have to write full time) freelancing is a bit too unstable for me. I like to know that there is going to be monet going into the bank once a month and that it will be enough to just about cover the bills. I know its not very adventurous but I'm not prepared to see my family go under so that I can follow a dream.
Talking of fiction mojo - I haven't got it back yet but I am building up to revisiting a project in a months time or so. I am going to knuckle down to it and see what happens. Its not coming back on its own so maybe I have to force the issue.
I'll try not to be away so long next time.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Not such a good start... the new year writing wise but not so bad either so what am I moaning about? It has been "okay." January wasn't as prolific as December but it had a few successful days. February has got off to a slow start but then it is only the 3rd so there's time to improve.
I was on a roll before Christmas but then I sort of lost the momentum and never picked it up again. Well I guess I have had a lot on my mind - and yes its still whizzing round the space between my ears.
And a quick note about the "full time writer" experiment. It was relatively successful but it taught me that I'm not really at the stage in my writing where I can afford to give up the day job and rely on what I can earn from writing.
Heres to the rest of 2011.
BTW Its dear old Ma and Pa's 60th (yes I said 60th) wedding anniversary today. Go them!!!