Sunday, 5 June 2016

Does anyone....

know how to delete a blog? I'm not thinking of deleting this one, just an old one that I no longer maintain. Its sitting on my dashboard minding its own business but I would rather it wasn't there. It's a bit like my obsession for having an empty inbox. Irrational I know, but hey that's me.

Guilty Pleasure

 I'm curious to know about other people's guilty pleasures, we all have them. I'll let you into my secret.
On my day off during the week (usually a Friday but other days are available) I love to iron. I can hear the groans form here but hey what can I say I enjoy ironing. I detest putting the stuff away though but that's just me be irrational but the actual process of ironing I find really relaxing. However that's just a pleasure. The guilty one is that while I'm ironing I love to watch a really bad film. Disaster movies are my favourite, you know the type, killer bees, snowstorms, Armageddon on a global scale that sort of thing. And they can't be well made films, no they have to be the ones with dodgy acting and even dodgier special effects. I love them.
Come on. I've shared mine, what's yours?