Thursday, 28 July 2011

Answers please

Without knowing the question I would appreciate a few answers. Is it
1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?
Thank you very much in advance for any answers provided.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Work, flu and the Tour de France

Sorry to have not popped over for a few weeks but life has a way messing up what you'd really want to be doing sometimes. I was on holiday from the day job last week but "proper poorly" though thankfully I am on the mend now. I know for a fact that I have only ever had colds before because this week I had flu. I thought I was dying on Tuesday. Then the two weeks before that I was working flat out (at the day job) without a day off which probably explains why I was so low that I caught flu.
Anyway, not to worry, like I said I'm on the mend now and have another week off from the day job to look forward to.
I haven't done as much writing as I would have liked since last we spoke but hopefully that will be remedied when the batteries are fully recharged after another week's R & R. I have one article that needs to be with the editor by tomorrow night and that will be it until the end of next week as we are taking off for a few days. I'll have the obligatory notebook in my bag so there might be a few ideas jotted down but that'll be about it next week and after that it'll be full steam ahead. I had to buy a new hoover on Friday so I need to get a few bits accepted somewhere to pay for it.
After watching the Tour de France from a prostrate position on the sofa this week I have added the Loire Valley to the list of places that I want to visit before I die. I've never really watched the tour before but I have become quite a fan though what possesses grown men to race up a mountain on a bike is beyond me. and then there's the even sillier racing down a mountain. Madness!
Well thats about all I have to report. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid.