Sunday, 29 July 2007

Back on track and full of ideas

I'm hopefully going to get back on track with my writing this week, at least that's the plan. Although I didn't do a lot of actual writing last week I did have a lot of time to think and I came up with more ideas for things that I want to write about. The problem with that is they are added on top of all the other things that are already flitting around inside my head and I wonder if I'll ever get chance to write them. I really need to work on better time management. It's a fault that I have in all walks of my life so why should writing be any different?


SallyQ said...

I know that feeling, Gonna B. I've also got too many ideas in my head. What I try to do is let the most dominant ideas come to the fore, and work on them. Writing down the other ideas in a notebook is also a good thing, so you don't forget them, and you've always got something you can go back to.

Gonna be a writer said...

My problem is that I really struggle sometimes to settle down and concentrate on one or two ideas at a time. It's something that I'm trying to work on but it's not easy - for me anyway.