Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Moving Home

I have decided to move my blog over to Wordpress. I've  really enjoyed having my blog here but it just feels like time to move house as it were. Its still a work in progress but I would love it if you would follow my new blog. You'll find it at Colette McCormick on books and life in general and I hope to see you there,

Friday, 13 January 2017

New Year New Start

New year new start and all that isn't that what they say. Not quite sure who 'they' are but they seem to know what they/re talking about.
As far as I can see (though I've had nothing from the publishers yet) 'Things I Should Have Said and Done' is not yet setting the literary world on fire. So, with the dawn of the new year I decided to grasp the nettle and publicise it more. Someone who read it said that I should so I'm taking their advice. Thank you very much 'GB of Brandon.'
I was interviewed by the editor of the local paper that comes out in the Dales last week and there will be an article plus a review in the edition out on 25th of this month. It's not The Times Literary Supplement but its a start. Actually, Anita the editor was lovely and when she offered to do the piece I nearly snatched her hand off. I've also applied to go and speak to the WI. A writer of note (and dozens of books suggested that I do that and I have to say the process is a bit daunting. You fill the form in, telling them what you're going to talk about, then there's how long you'll speak for and your fee etc. etc. I've done all that and now I'm just waiting for it to go before the committee.
I've never liked being the centre of attention so I'm finding it a bit hard to get my head around.
On a different note, my current WIP has had a third (or is it fourth) and FINAL incarnation but I finally feel happy with it.
On that note I have half an hour before I need to go and make lunch (I do that on my day's off from the day job) and I'm eager to go and see what Danny is up to.

Monday, 2 January 2017

First of the Year

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Sorry I've not been around much in the last six weeks or so.
Its just that the book was published and I've been trying to do promotional stuff for that and I've been trying to get to grips with book 3 at the same time. On top of that there's been work, Christmas blah blah blah. Sorry don't mean to make excuses. Hope you all had a good one. Personally I had a fab Christmas and am feeling positive about 2017 though we are only two days in. So far so good.
The thing is, it has been suggested to me that a book blog would be a good idea. A place where I can tell you about this book and the subsequent ones and people can ask questions  etc etc. However at the minute I don't think a lot of people have read the book (judging by the number of reviews) so it might be that I'd be talking to myself which, I am assured, is the first sign of madness.
Even though I'm not here as often as I would like I'm reluctant to give up this blog, its like an old friend, so my question is do I set up a new blog and keep them both or is there a way of incorporating the two. Or, just to throw this out there, do you think a blog specifically for the books is unnecessary, like I said I could be talking to myself.