Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A second income

When I've been paid for a piece of writing in the past I don't know what's happened to the money. I think that most of it went into the "Rome Fund." We'd been planning that trip for a year and then had to postpone it for a year and I don't think I'd earned anything before then. Anyway it was just sort of eaten up and even if it did fill the holiday coffers which meant that we could afford to treat ourselves I didn't feel like I was earning a second income.
Well that all changed this week. I must be earning a second income, albeit an incredibly modest one because today I used money earned from writing to pay a bill. Last week I was paid for a story and today I used all but 5p of it to buy the road tax.
I never imagined that giving the DVLA money would mean so much to me.


Annie Wicking said...

Well, GBW are you not going to tell us what you're going to spend the 5p on or is that a secret lol.

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm trying to hang onto the 5p. I want to spend it wisely