Friday, 20 February 2009

Mixed messages

I'm a great believer in a)"being prepared" and b)the power of the mind.
"Yeah, and?????" I hear you cry.
Well, my thinking on this very good morning (hope I've not hexed the whole day) is that as I don't keep "proper" records I am not "being prepared" and I'm sending my mind mixed messages.
Okay I can hear you all asking what I'm banging on about so here goes.
The only record that I keep of my writing etc is a spreadsheet that records what I send where, if they accepted it, how much they paid me and when. I never keep records of expenditure.
By doing that I think that I am sending my mind mixed messages. It's like saying that I don't need to do that because I'm never going to be successful enough for anyone official to be interested in it. I know that the mind has great effects on what happens to a person. (This is not something that I think, it is something that I know from experience.) I've said before that if mega success doesn't come for me in this field then I'll be okay with that and I will because there are things out there that are so much more important but I would like to think that if the mega success does come I'd at least be a little bit prepared for the taxman.
I'm going to buy envelopes and stamps at lunch time, maybe I'll buy a small ledger too.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure one day you'll be able to afford, and need, an accountant.

Annie Wicking said...

Well, GBW you won't believe this but I had the same thought about a month back. I have a victorian ledger I picked up at a carboot sale. How Charles Dickens' is that?

Anyway, I use it to keep a record of way I send my work out to, but I decided I should also keep a record of the money I spend to on competitions and other things.

best wishes my dear friend, (((Hugs)))

Gonna be a writer said...

Oh captain, wouldn't that be something if I needed an accountant.
It's good to know that we're on the same wave length Annie.
Just for the record, I bought the stamps and the envelopes and I even kept the receipts however I forgot to buy the ledger.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Just come across your blog. Find your attitude very interesting and hope you suceed. Would love to put you on my'list' so to speak. I'm fairly new to this blogging lark but have targets in mind.
Doing a once a month blast from the past so to speak. so much stuff gets buried.I will be back again shortly. hope you get time to glance at my blog.

Gonna be a writer said...

Hiya Grumpy Old Ken (may I call you GOK?) and welcome. I'm off to see your blog right now.
Okay been there and done that. I only read the first 2 posts or is that last 2 posts? Probably. Anyway if it's any consolation, I feel like John Logie Baird all the time.
And in answer to your question I'd be happy for you to put ,e on yout list. Cheers