Sunday, 22 February 2009

Progress report

I have just finished the rewrite of BTL. Or should that be the first rewrite. There are still some things that I want to have another look at, chapter 26 for instance. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know. I have gone from doing a chapter maybe two each week (Sunday's are the only day that I can get a real crack at it) to racing though it because I wanted to know what happened. The book was finished over a year ago and I couldn't remember exactly what had happened. But I wanted to know. Also there was a scene between two characters towards the end where I found myself sobbing. I cared so much about what was happening to them.
This is not a finished project by any stretch of the imagination. I know that. There are still things that need to be looked at and possibly altered. And then the really hard work of finding an agent/publisher will begin.
What do you think? Agent or publisher?
I just wanted you all to share in my euphoria in the fact that my creation is one step nearer completion.


Annie Wicking said...

I would try both... I had a publisher look at my complete MS and give me some great feedback the link is on my blog for 'Contact Publishing' & 'Accent Press' which is another one you could try though Accent is closed at the moment for submissions.

Good luck my dear friend


Swerdnic said...

Well done! Good luck in finding a publisher/agent.
it's scary when you get so involved that your crying about people you made up. poetry does that for me. Some of my favourate have tear smudges down the page.

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks Annie, I'll be checking that link out in a minute or two. When the time comes I may well try both. That won't be for a while though as I'm going to leave it alone for a few weeks and the tweak it a bit more.
I have to say I was a bit scared Swednic when I started crying about what was happening to people who so far exist only in my head and on my laptop. Wierd.

Anonymous said...

I think that deserves a reward. The coffee shop beckons...

Gonna be a writer said...

Do you know what Captain, I hadn't thought of that but I think you might be right.