Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Me Day

I don't usually work the day job on Thursdays so I usually try to write as much as I can, especially in the mornings - after I've done the grocery shopping because we still have to eat. Anyway, today I've given myself a day off from that. I'm going to have a "me" day. I was saying to someone the other day how I missed the days when I'd tidy the house up a bit, do a bit of ironing, maybe bake a cake and wait for the kids to get home from school. Life seemed so uncomplicated then but sadly those days are long gone. Now I work full time because even though we said that we wouldn't when I went back to work we spend full time money so I can't just jack it in. I actually do enjoy my job and it is very worthwhile but now and then I do hanker for the life of a housewife. So that's what I'm doing today. I've just stopped by here to say hello after checking if I'd been paid for a story I sold recently and sadly I haven't so I had to ping off an email asking if there was a problem. But apart from those two things I'm doing nothing else on the computer today. I may pick up a notebook later because I used to from time to time when I was a housewife but I doubt it. No, I'm off to make an orange and sultana cake, clean the bath and do a bit of ironing. That should take me to lunchtime and as Himself is here for that today I shall make something nice for that (what instead of the dross that you usually dish up I hear you cry.) I might even get the hoover out later. Steady on though, there's no need to go mad is there. Then it'll be tea time by which time I'm sure I'll be bored with all the domesticity so maybe I'll pick up a pen then. We'll see.
I highly recommend that everyone has a "me" day from time to time. I actually have a "me" week every year in April. It's fantastic.


Annie Wicking said...

I shall have myself a'me' weekend and hopefully get some more writing done.

Good to hear you are still hard at it with the pen and paper.

best wishes,


Dar said...

It's funny how 'Me' days are so different for people. This is the first though that I've ever heard anyone speak of cleaning the house as a me day. :) ... I guess it depends on what you've been missing doing... Hope you had a good day. :)

Gonna be a writer said...

I had a great day thanks. I think enjoying the cleaning is a reflection of how infrequently I do it. It made a change.
Enjoy your weekend Annie - happy writing.