Thursday, 30 August 2007

Not a lot of words

I read about a competition the other day that involved writing a 250 word story using a photograph as your inspiration. I thought I would have a go. I wrote it in long hand this afternoon and will get it typed up and the words counted soon. That's when I have to start pruning I suppose. 250 is not a lot of words. Actually it's an excercise that I have really enjoyed. With so few words to work with you have to make every one count. You have to tell the story without any of the padding.
No rejections so far this week which is good. However there have been no acceptances either which is not good.


Lane said...

Flash fiction is just so hard but a great exercise in cutting out the waffle. Good luck with the comp and fingers crossed for some acceptance slips soon:)

Gonna be a writer said...

It's only when I start cutting out the waffle that I realise just how much of it there is.