Monday, 6 August 2007

Helping Hands

I'm not going to name names here because I don't want to sound like I'm name dropping.
About a year ago I was looking an authors website and decided to email them saying something along the lines of how much I admired their work and how I aspired to be where they are one day. I was so surprised when this person emailed me back offering advice and support.
Since I have had more success with my writing I have had more contact with established writers and I have been amazed by their willingness to help me in my efforts to succeed with my writing.
Just today I asked a writer about targeting overseas magazines and they have given me some leads and lots of food for thought.
This blog was started on the advice of another writer.
A book I have written is being considered by an agent because an author that they represent put in a good word for me.
Another author keeps my spirits up by telling me that they did it and so can I.
I can't thank these people enough for taking the time to connect with someone they don't know personally but who is where they once were.

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