Saturday, 18 August 2007

Action plans and sales reports

Went back to work on Thursday and hadn't realised how tired I was. Being perfectly honest and holding my hands up I have to say that I haven't really written since Wednesday (apart from action plans and sales reports.) However I do have an idea for something which I want to submit to My Weekly so I'm going to start getting a few ideas onto paper in a minute.
I read on other blogs the success that others are having with their writing, stories that are being accepted, work thats being commissioned etc and I have to say I've been feeling a bit down by my lack of success recently. but then I remember that I still have lots of things (18) out there that I haven't heard about and if all of them are accepted, it will be my best year ever. This is something that I want to happen for me so I have to keep my chin up and keep plugging away.
Success will come knocking at my door eventually I'm sure.
Anyway, must press on - ideas waiting to go onto paper.

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