Sunday, 26 August 2007

Lesson in life

A lesson I have recently learned was reinforced this week by the news of a couple of high profile sudden and tragic deaths. I'm not going to elaborate on these because this is neither the time or the place to do that. If you are reading this in Britain around the time that I write it you will probably know at least one of the things that I am referring to.
Anyway, back to the lesson I have learned.
Life is something that we hang onto by the most delicate of threads. Life as we know it can be changed without warning in a heartbeat. Life itself can be over in the blinking of an eye. We take for granted that tomorrow will always come and that it will be just as good as today.
With that in mind, if there is something that you want to do you should do it. Don't procrastinate and make excuses. Life is too short for that. Don't talk about doing it - DO IT.


Lane said...

Great post gonna be. You have said succinctly what I've been feeling recently. I had a dream recently (yeah I know other people's dreams are sooo boring but...) where I saw my own gravestone and I had popped my clogs at 51. Now I'm not really interested in the theory of dreams but something did click. What have I been waiting for all these years? No more excuses and fear of failure...just get off arse, do the best I can and .... well whatever happens next..

On another note you missed the 'chat' at 'wannabe' this morning. Don't worry.. there's another one with Jane next Sunday morning and one with the theme of 'synopsis' on I think the 16th. Check the messageboard and hope to 'speak' to you then.
All the best Lane:))

Gonna be a writer said...

I had a dream last night Lane and I'm heartened by it. Life is too short to worry about fear of failure. Just go for it.
As for the chat. I had to work yesterday (Sunday) which I don't normally do. I'll try and drop by next week.
See ya