Thursday, 6 August 2009

An old baby

Today I was looking at my first attempt at a novel. It was finished over 3 years ago and fizzled out at 45,000 words. I wondered how I had ended it so I skipped to the final page and had a look. Okay I know I wrote it but I couldn't remember. I remember pretty much everything else though. Anyway I digress - the ending started me thinking about the message behind the story and I think that maybe there is still room for growth there. A best selling author was kind enough to look at it for me and they said that although they had enjoyed it and it was well written they wouldn't be sure where it could be placed. They were unsure what other books it would sit along side. Anyway having read parts of it this afternoon for the first time in three years I'm thinking that it might be worth a bit more effort.
Of course I need to finish BTL first.


Olivia Ryan said...

I think this is one of the best things about writing, Gonna Be: nothing ever has to be completely wasted! You might be able to re-vamp that novel and turn it into something really good. Even if you only use it as a framework, and re-write most of it, you could be surprised! Or even if, eventually, you were to find that it doesn't work, you can 'raid' it ruthlessly for bits you like, and use them in short stories. Good luck!

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm not sure that the book would work in its present form but you're right Olivia that there probably is soemthing there that I can use. Its the premise that i love, I think that I could have a lot of fun with it.