Thursday, 13 August 2009

Fighting the urge

For reasons that I won't go into because they are slightly (very) petty and childish (not big and not clever) I REALLY want this writing thing to work for me now. I always wanted it to work for me but now I want it now, right now, yesterday would be better.
Anyway, that aside I have a bit of unexpected "me" time today so I've taken the opportunity to do some more editing of BTL and I'm just over a third of the way through. The urge that I am having to fight is the one to send it out now. I have barely change anything in the last four or five chapters and the editing process is coming along quite nicely thank you. I thought about twenty minutes ago and this is the one that I am fighting. "Why not send the first three chapters out now." The thought process behind this is that if (please God) someone wanted to see more I would have completed it before then.
But no, now that I've actually got that thought out into the public arena I realise how stupid that is. It has taken me longer than I had hoped to get this far mainly due to some problems at the beginning so the chances of me having gone through the rest any time soon are nil.
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
Step away from the computer.
Think I'll go and bake a cake.


Anonymous said...

Read Nicola Morgan's blog. That will scare you into getting it perfect before submitting.

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks Captain. If I hadn't already talked myself out of sending the first three chapters off and risking having the rest ready if I should be asked about it I would have changed my mind about it now. I've worked too hard and too long on it to spoil it by hurrying now.
I have to say Captain I was just looking at your picture and that beer in your hand looks very tempting.