Sunday, 7 October 2007

w/c 07/10/2007 This week I'll...

  1. work on my Topsy project
  2. work on NMBK
  3. work on Roxie's story
  4. polish the steps story and submit it to the competition it was written for.
  5. Submit something. I've just had a count and I only have 8 pieces of work out there. That is nowhere near enough. Most people trying to bew serious about this would submit in a week.
  6. Not be too hard on myself because this is the week that Himself and I should have been in Rome. But the "rubbish" that I refer to from time to time has meant that we have had to cancel. Needless to say I may be a little down this week but by that same token I will be looking for distractions too. I'd got a magazine interested in some photographs of Rome but they say that they'll still look at them when we do go.

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