Sunday, 14 October 2007

Focus on the plan

I've just checked my list and I only have 7 pieces of work out there in the world which is nowhere near enough. Submitting work has been a problem for me recently. I write it, I edit it, I polish it but then I don't do anything with it. Okay, so I know I've got all that other rubbish going on at the minute but I could submit at least one piece of work a week. The other stuff is actually starting to get a bit harder but I have to look beyond the present to the time when it will be over. I need to focus on the plan and part of that plan is writing.


womagwriter said...

If you've got a pile of polished items, why not set aside an Admin evening and get them all subbed in one go? Make sure you've enough envelopes and stamps, etc, then away you go.

And good luck. My problem is the opposite at the moment - I've very little ready to send out.

Lane said...

The main thing is that you've got work ready to send out:-)

I hope the other stuff sorts itself out soon or becomes easier and well done for managing to write through it.

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks for the good wishes, writing is my distraction at the moment. I am writing but just can't get my head around submittingright now. I think the idea of an Admin evening. I may well have one of those soon.