Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Hit me again

I spent a lot of time just hanging around yesterday so I worked on Topsy and wrote probably about 1000 words or so. I tried to work on NMBK but by that time there was another woman hanging around too and she insisted on talking. It was okay though.
Just checked email to see if there was any news on the story shortlisted by the Australian magazine and found that there was a message from them. It wasn't about the shortlisted story though but about one that I sent them about a month after I sent that one. (Are you still with me?) They are going to use it in their Summer Fiction Special. How good is that? I guess that if they're going to use the one that they told me was shortlisted I should be hearing about that fairly soon. Watch this space.
A great big Happy Birthday to Himself who is 50 today.

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womagwriter said...

Well done on the Summer Special hit!

I've tagged you for a book meme - see my blog for details.