Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thought provocation.

My other blog hasn't reached the particularly interesting stage yet though I hope it will, but thinking about it has or rather is proving to be ...well though provoking.
When I was a little girl I was hit by a car. I was thrown into the air and landed in a gutter. My head was open from front to back on my left side and I was unconscious. I remained unconscious for four days and when I woke up it was apparent that I had suffered paralysis down my left side. My parents had been told to expect the worse but my waking up was a good sign.
After a week in hospital I was transferred to a convalescent home and in fact, the first thing that I can remember about the incident is realising that I was in an ambulance going up a steep driveway. I don't remember much else about the week I stayed in there other than a doctor who said I wouldn't be able to go home until I could smile from ear to ear and grinning like a Cheshire cat at him and the daily game of "Simon Says" to get my left hand/arm working. Oh, lets not forget my sister (who is 12 years older than me) holding my head still while a nurse took my stiches out.
Anyway, without labouring a point, I could have died then but I didn't and I've had a couple of other near misses along the way too and this week I asked myself why.
Why didn't I die then?
I'll let you know if I ever work out the answer.


Paula R C Readman said...

Wow I'm pleased to hear you didn't and I'm sure your family are glad too. You have a life to live and you have I hope you go on enjoying every day too.

My very best wishes to you, Colette.

Teresa Ashby said...

What a terrible thing to happen! Thank goodness you recovered - my blood ran cold reading this x

Colette McCormick said...

I intend to live for as long as I can Paula and sorry about he cold blood Teresa. Its absolutely fine because I don't remember a thing about it - its like it happened to someone else.

Dar Gareau-Levy said...

Because you didn't. I think that's all it is.

Colette McCormick said...

Good point well made Dar