Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Random waffle to avoid the inevitable

I see I have lost a follower which is very careless of me. Note to self - be more interesting.
I'm thinking of posting something I have written here for no other reason than I think I would like to share something with those of you that are left but I haven't decided what yet.
I could waffle on a bit more but I'm just putting off going to bed. The radiator in our room isn't working and it is frreeeezing. Himself put a little fan heater on in there for me before he went to bed but ... oh its just not the same.
Can't put it off any longer though I have to be up in just over 6 hours.


Paula R C Readman said...

Don't worry I'm still here. I shall send you warmth and happiness all day. :-)

Teresa Ashby said...

I used to keep a list of my followers and when I lost one, I'd go through it to see who'd gone, but I don't any more - it was taking up too much time!

I've started having the bedroom window open on these warmer nights and I still feel like I'm sleeping in a furnace, meanwhile my husband wraps himself up in the duvet and shivers x

Anonymous said...

Was it me? I recently had to reset all my Blogger/FriendConnect followings, due to a bug. I'm still following you but via RSS.

Colette McCormick said...

Thank you Paula - I appreciate the warm vibes especially as it is still really cold up here.
I don't have a list of my followers Teresa, I just saw that the number had gone down. I was intrigued by your mention of "these warmer nights" - I wish they would make it up here.
Glad to see you're still here Captain - I believe you were one of my first.