Friday, 10 July 2009

Where have you all gone?

I hope someone can help.
I noticed the other day that the pictures of my followers have disappeared from my blog and I don't know where they have gone. More importantly, I don't know how to get them back.
Can anyone help?
Okay now I'm confused. I've just visited s couple of blogs and their followers pictures are missing too.
Is this computer on the blink now?


Olivia Ryan said...

Your followers are still appearing on your blog at this end, Julie - so I reckon it must be something in the settings on Blogger on your computer. If you've fiddled around with the settings on your dashboard and got nowhere, I'd suggest clicking 'Help' and see what happens. (Maybe an army of nice IT experts come rushing to the door - if only!). Good luck ... Wish I was clever enough to suggest something more helpful!

Anonymous said...

I still have my followers' mug shots. The ones on your blog show up in my browsers too. I tried Opera 9, Firefox 3, Chrome 2 and IE 7; all worked fine.

Some questions that might help to track down the problem:

1. On your system, does anyone's blog show the followers' pictures? E.g. mine? *
2. What do you see in your followers gadget? Any buttons, blank squares or anything?
3. Any error message, e.g. "operation aborted"?
4. Do any of the blogs you follow have quotation marks in their name?
5. Which browser are you using ("help > about..." in the menu)?
6. Which type of computer/operating system? E.g. PC/Windows, Mac, Linux...

I'll try to track down the issue, but it might be difficult from here ;o)

* And why aren't you of my followers list? {feigns indignation}

fizzycat said...

I will add myself to your follower list , love that dragon.

Gonna be a writer said...

Olivia I wish I was clever enough not to have to ask the question. All things technocal are a bot of a mystery to me until they have been explained to me as if I was two years old.
I don't recall seeing any of the things that you mentioned Captain but that's not to say that they weren't there because unless they flashed up in front of me I might not have noticed them. And in answer to your question I don't know why I don't "follow" your blog. I shall remedy that immediately if for no other reason than it will save me from using the link on my blog to see what you're up to.
Hello Fizzycat. I love the cat in your picture, is it yours? I often think that I would like a cat but I am always reminded of the gifts that they bring you like dead mice etc. Maybe I'll just stick to my dog and admire other people's cats.
On a happier note though my followers pictures are back. I did some fiddling after I'd posted and it seems to have remedied it. God knows what I did though.