Sunday, 12 July 2009

I week to go

I have just one week left of my self imposed non touching of BTL. I haven't even opened a single page of it for seven weeks and now there is just one to go. To be honest I haven't even thought about it for about 6 weeks so hopefully by the time that I do read it again it will be with a fresh pair of eyes.
If there's not too much final tweaking to be done then I might even have it off to agents etc by the end of August. My plan for it was to have it off to agents/publishers by the end of the year so I've got a bit to play with.
But not much. Can you believe it's the middle of July already? There'll be Christmas cards in the shops in few weeks.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Let's hope you are very happy with your manuscript and it start winging its way to an agent soon.

You'll never guess what I just did?

I sat down to write an article for my blog and I was so happy with the end result, I've just sent a proposal to the Writers' Forum magazine instead of posting it on my blog.

Oh well, now I have to think of something new for the blog...;-)

Gonna be a writer said...

Good luck with the article Jamara. I proposed an srticle to WF back in December and while I haven't heard back from them to say no I'm guessing thats what there silence says.
As for the novel. A friend once told me that PD James had told them that you shouldn't send a manuscript off until it is as perfect as you can get it. Wise words I think so I'll try not to rush into it.

Jarmara Falconer said...

P.D James is a great novlist, so she must know what she's talking about, so I would listen to her advice anytime.

I started a new piece for blog this evening, and finished up with a new short story ready to send out to Bridge House Publishers, so today I didn't get as much rewriting done on my novel as I would have liked, but still I've been very creative instead.

Good luck with all your projects, Gonnabe

Gonna be a writer said...

You're on a roll Jarmara

Angel Bluestocking said...

It will be worth it - amazing how different things look when you come back to them.

This blog and comments between you and Jarmara made me smile. I had a story in a drawer since Spring 2008 and recently got it out to try my hand at short stories. (I've been working on two novels over last couple of years.)
I didn't plan to, but have started entering competitions. Got runner up in the 1st comp I entered with this old story - 'Gardening in Pyjamas.' Interestingly it's unrecognisable from the original with the amount of revisions/re-writes!

Anyway, I'm now going to be brave and try the magazine market. It's funny how things work out isn't it?

best of luck with the MS, and of course other projects.

Gonna be a writer said...

Life is weird and I try to o with the flow. Good luck with the short stories Angel and well done on being runner up in your first competition. You should be very encouraged.