Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another kick required

Are there ever times when you could kick yourself? Well I had one of those moments today.
Last night I had an idea which just popped into my head. However I am blowed if I can remember what the idea was. I know that I should have written it down and normally I was but I was so tired last night and it was so hot that I didn't. Well I'm regretting that decision now.
Maybe yesterday was just one of those days because when I was talking to Himself and Number 2 son I said "I think," I couldn't get any further. in the space of two words I had forgotten what it was that I thought.
Is there any hope for me?


Olivia Ryan said...

I sympathise, Gonna Be! This happens to me so often - usually in the middle of the night, when I wake up with some 'thoughts' but I'm too tired to be bothered to write them down. I KNOW the ideas will have gone in the morning - they always have! So why can't I motivate myself to scribble something down? We never learn! Hope your idea does come back to you. x

Gonna be a writer said...

I hope so too Olivia because I remember thinking that it was a clever play on words.

Anonymous said...

I know, you were going to write a story called "Amnesia" ;o)

Angel Bluestocking said...

It is so annoying. I now have a notepad by my bed, in the car and a piece of paper and pen secreted in my handbag!

Gonna be a writer said...

Captain how did you know? You must be psychic.
Angel it was completely my fault that it happened because I have a million notebooks dotted around the place but I just couldn't be bothered to get up and get once. Serves me right I guess.