Saturday, 25 July 2009


When I get an idea pop into my head (as long as it is day time because when it happens at night I rely on remembering it in the morning - bad move) I have the habit of writing whatever the idea is down on a piece of paper and stuffing it in a pocket or similar recepticle. I have dozens, nay hundreds of bits of paper all over the place. This morning a carrier bag caught my eye and when I pulled it from where it had been stuffed under the bed I discovered that there are about another 20 pieces of paper with this and that written on them. Some are ideas some are partial stories and it looks like there might be a complete story in there.
Note to self - sort them out.
Advise on how to be more organised would be more than gratefully received.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Sorry, Gonnabe, I didn't see this post asking for note advise... Please read my other comment first

Gonna be a writer said...

No probs Jarmara.

Olivia Ryan said...

I think we all do this (scribble stuff on bits of paper!) - and the only way of improving on it, is carrying a notebook around with you at all times (NB, I don't - I keep trying to, but unless you have several notebooks, one in handbag, one by bed, one in kitchen, etc, it just doesn't work. And if you have several, it just gets muddly - worse than bits of paper!). So, sorry - don't know the answer ... but what a terrific find that carrier bag was! Loads of lovely ideas just waiting to be used! x

Gonna be a writer said...

It was a bit of a find Olivia because I love one of the stories. I was typing it up last night and wanted to kick myself for not finishing it. I'm still to work out where I wanted to go with it.