Sunday, 31 May 2009

A busy morning

Its been all go this morning.
After I'd unburdened my soul to you all earlier about why I do this I set about some writing projects. You may recall that I'm not allowed to touch BTL for another 7weeks (self imposed leave alone period) so I had to turn my attention to other stuff.
Those of you that have been coming over for a while may remember what I used to call my Topsy project which I initially wrote just for me as therapy during a very dark time in my life a couple of years ago. Well I have decided that it is no longer just for me and I have put together a proposal which I am going to send to a publisher in the morning.
Also (oh yes there's more) I have set in motion my next book. Well set in motion might be the wrong term because there's about 10,000 in longhand on bits of paper but I decided that this is the one that I am going to concentrate on. It's actually what I have always referred to as book number 3 but after a conversation with my friend I have promoted it. This book just like the last one will be referred to by the letters that make up it's working title - so it is NRIMH.
Any guesses?
I have to stop all that now though as there are Yorkshire Puddings waiting to be mixed. It doesn't matter that the sun is melting the tarmac outside - it's Sunday and my men like a roast.


Anonymous said...

Not really in my head/heart?

Good luck with this and Topsy version 2.0.

Gonna be a writer said...

The first word's close.

Karen said...

It's never too hot for Yorkshire Puddings :o)

Good idea to leave the first book alone to settle for a while, and I'm going to have a wild guess at the title of number 3 ...

Never Rains in My Heart ?? (Well I like it.) No Rows in My House? (I should make that our family motto!) No Really, it's My Hat (ok, I'll stop now ...)

Gonna be a writer said...

I like the sound of Never Rains in My Heart - I think there's a book there. Sadly it's not the answer but thanks for trying.
You're completely right about Yorkshire puddings :)

Olivia Ryan said...

'Now, Reader, I Married Him'?
'No Reason I Murdered Him'?
Do tell, do tell!
Glad to hear you're forging ahead with this. Let us know how it goes!

Gonna be a writer said...

In the words of that Irish bloke from Catchphrase - "It's good but it's not right."
What I will say is that Karen had two words right and one of your answers had one word right. But which ones?