Sunday, 31 May 2009


I came across something the other day that said when you set out to do something you should ask yourself why you are doing it. It said that you had to be specific about your answers and above all they had to be honest. So while I was walking the dog along the riverbank this morning (what a glorious morning it was too) I asked myself a question or three and tried to answer them honestly.
1. Why do I write stories and articles?
Because I enjoy the process - particularly the fiction. I fnd that it relaxes me and well yeah, I enjoy it.
2. Why do I try to get the things I write published?
Because when I get an email or letter from an editor saying that they want to publish what I've written it feels great. Of course the downside of that is the times that something is rejected but hey, if youo want the good you've got to risk the bad.
3. Why do I want to get paid for what I write?
While it is true that as a rule I don't submit to places that won't pay me for what I write the first story that I ever had published was for a charity anthology so if it's for a good cause that I believe in then I'm there. There's nothing wrong with submitting to non paying markets. Indeed I wasn't paid for what I have on the fiftybeans website. That was something that I wanted to do and if that's what anyone alse wants to do then good luck to them. The reason that I want to get paid for what I write? Okay well as I'm being honest (remember it said that you have to be honest) I want to be paid because it means that I can buy treats and not feel guilty about spending the housekeeping. It means that we might be able to pay the mortgage off a bit sooner. And while that might not be very noble it is true. Also though, if I get paid for what I write that validates what I write in the eyes of those that never believed in me.
Gosh that last sentence might have been a bit too honest but you can't take things back once they've been said.
Please feel free to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. If you wanted you could do that here because I'd love to know the answers.


Pat Posner said...

Good question, Gonna-Be.
My answers match yours, really. I often write pages for the local Animal Sanctuary magazine and my payment there is when readers respond.

Gonna be a writer said...

You are a kindred spirit Pat. You're right of course. Being paid is one thing but getting a response from a reader is something entirely different.

Karen said...

I think you're right that being paid is validation somehow - though I do write a book review for the local paper every month for nothing.

I love writing first and foremost though, and if I was told my novel would be published by a major publishing house one day, but they wouldn't be able to pay me a penny, I'd still want to see it in print!!

Gonna be a writer said...

I guess you're right Karen but I'd be a bit miffed that they can't pay me a penny while they pay JKR millions.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Can't stop. Simple as that.

Gonna be a writer said...

fair enough Captain