Sunday, 10 May 2009

tadpoles and fish

I really appreciate it when anyone takes the time to leave a comment on this blog. I always try to reply to any comment because first of all it's a two way thing so generally there is something to say back and secondly I was brought up to be polite. Now, I know that I'm just a tadpole in the writing pond, less than a tadpole probably but I don't know what that would be called. But tadpoles have feelings too and I get cheesed off when certain fish that maybe believe they are bigger than they really are don't think that I am worthy of acknowledgement. Or should I say that they don't believe a comment I have made on their blog is worthy of acknowledgement. Yet they reply to thngs said to other commentors.
Hang on I get it. They don't speak tadpole. No that can't be it because weren't they tadpoles once upon a time? Really big fish remember that.


Annie Wicking said...

Hello Tad... I love knowing what you are up too. And I'm making the same river journey as you too. So I enjoy visiting your part of the river and leaving comments especially after you have been kind enough to swim place my place too.

I know how hard it can be if you have a lot of followers, to find time to visit them all. At the moment my followers stand at sixty-two and I'm trying to finish editing my novel, but I try to drop by and read their blog before leaving a comment as their have been kind enough to drop by mine to say hello.

One more thing before I disappear, Tad.. Watch out for kissing princess with bad

Have a great week (((Hugs)))

Gonna be a writer said...

I know I had a bit of a rant yesterday Annie and I did think for a while that maybe I should delete it but following my philosophy that once its said its said that's a bit hard to do. Having thought about it, I think my problem is with people who get a rung or two up the ladder and then forgetting what it was to be at the bottom of the ladder. You know, you comment about something that someone has said and they post a reply to everyone but you and another equally snall tadpole. I just find it a bit clique -ie (probably not a word) and elitist. Hey ho maybe newcomers aren't welcome there. Well they are welcome here and the more the merrier.
I like the really big fish though because they always reply to a comment.
Thanks for taking the time to comment Annie. Have a good one.

Karen said...

Could they have missed your comment by mistake? I did that once, and was mortified when I realised and went back and replied to the comment, but maybe the moment had passed!

Like you, I was brought up to be polite and I do hope it wasn't you :o))

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm still frog spawn (or is that frog's pawn?), as I've had nothing published yet. I like the river analogy as there are many interesting types of fish but you sometimes have to watch out for sharks.

As for comments, I hope I'm not too guilty on that score. I have lots of blogs and forums to keep up with and sometimes I just can't find the time.
Just remember, even samlon can grow up to be grendels.

Annie Wicking said...

Hi GBW, sorry about my spelling mistakes... I'm so glad you could make sense of it.

It's good to let of steam once in awhile.

best wishes my dear friend.

Gonna be a writer said...

I didn't even notice the spelling mistakes Annie. I must have read what I thought it said which oddly enough must be what you meant to say - weird.
You've never been guilty of it as far as I know Captain. And you are right about those sharks - you have to watch them.
I don't think that the comment was missed accidently Karen because it wasn't the first time that it has happened. But it will probably be the last.