Monday, 26 January 2009

Deja vu or what?

I started to write a story a couple of days ago and gave the two characters in it certain names. The story hasn't really developed very much so i put it to one side and picked up something from my work in progress file to type up. I was amazed when the characters in the old story were called exactly the same names as the ones in the story that I had tried to write earlier in the week.
How mad is that?
I don't know where the names came from or why I would choose them together more than once.
When I'm writing a story I tend to pluck the names of characters from somewhere around where I am or what I'm doing e.g. if I'm writing at work I might give a character the name of someone who is around. It's all a bit random so I think it is really weird that I should put these people together more than once.


Mummy said...


Captain Black said...

I think these two characters are destined to be in a novel. Start writing it immediately!

Gonna be a writer said...

You're right Mummy. That's just the word I thought of.
You might have a point Captain.
T & A 2geva 4eva (I've drawn an imaginary heart around these words with an arrow through it.

SUBHADIP said...

Hey..thanks for such a brilliant blog..and you know these things happen..names and characters seems to drop from no is just you should carry on..if you can please visit my blog and comment on my writings..

KAREN said...

Defintitely meant to be :o)

Sandy said...

That does seem more than just happen stance. Did you perhaps have those names in subconscious? Maybe even you dreamed the names, but don't remember having the dream?

Good luck, keep at it.
Thanks for the compliment on the hat.

Maybe you should pick up your knitting needles again and while you knit think about what to write about. Might help clear your head?


Gonna be a writer said...

Welcome Subhadip and thanks for your compliment. They are always gratefully accepted. I'm going to make my way over to your blog in a minute or two.
I agree karen - T & A together for all time.
I do dream a lot Sandy and not only when I'm asleep so maybe I did dream them and just forgot.

Annie Wicking said...


Once a name comes into my mind I hate to change it. I know there are certain names that are not good for characters and you shouldn't have too many names that sound the same in a story or novel as it makes it hard for a reader to follow.

Good luck with your writing

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm with you on that Annie,
once a character has a name that's their name.
Hope you're writing is going well.