Sunday, 9 November 2008

Something to work on

I've just counted up the stories that I have sitting in my short story folder. There are 31 of them sitting there in various stages of completion. Some are finished, some need another polish and some are a paragraph or two. Of those 31 only 3 are actually under consideration somewhere.
It's a liitle surprising that I have 28 stories that could be worked on. I had no idea that it was so many.
This doesn't include the stories that are still in longhand form on various bits of paper or in notebooks.
I know that all of these stories probably won't get published. Some of them aren't very good at all as they are but might lead to something, some are okay but need a polish but some of them are ready for submission.
I need to sort them out into what catagory they fall in and decide what's to be done with them.
I know what I'll be working on today.


Annie Wicking said...

Sometimes leaving a short story to rest before casting a fresh eyes over it can really help. I have found that stories I couldn't finish and then after awhile I've taken a new look at have found they have turned out to be the best I've written.

Good luck with your sorting out, GBW I hope you have a great day.

Best wishes,

Gonna be a writer said...

Hi Annie, I think I've left some of these alone for over a year, in fact it might be closer to two. A couple were written just after I started writing short stories seriously in the January before last. I know what you mean though. Sometimes when you take a new look at something after a long break you see things completely differently and a story is better for it. I'm hoping for a bit of that.