Monday, 3 November 2008

The right time?

Can anybody out there give me any advice on when to submit seasonal stories. I'm always a bit wary of submitting them because I'm never sure if I'm doing it at the right time.


KAREN said...

Well, the general rule of thumb seems to be three months in advance (Sept for Christmas etc), and that's what I stick to. The editor at TaB told me she finds some people send their seasonal stories 'too far in advance.' It wasn't me, honest!!

Annie Wicking said...

Hi GBW, I think it's about four or five months before. If you write for the magazine guidelines these should tell you.

Best wishes,

Gonna be a writer said...

So I guess that I should be thinking about submitting my Valentine stories about now. To be honest I don't write many seasonal stories but I think that's because of the submission sonfusion that I suufer from. Thanks x

Anonymous said...

I sent a Christmas story to Best in March, they replied in June and it's going to be in the issue dated 09/12/08.
Maybe because they only have one story per issue they like to get seasonal ones sorted out early. Mind you, that means if you wait till July/Aug they've probably already bought their seasonal ones and you've no chance.They won't even tell you that they're all stocked up for that season/event.
I'd definitely get seasonal stories off at least 6 months before the time. I remember talking to an editor from My Weekly at Halloween one year and asking her what issue she was working on - 'Christmas' she replied.
I think I'd rather have stories out too early rather than too late.
Sorry I'm anonymous, I'm being told I have the wrong password.(Perfectly possible - I may be using one of the half a dozen passwords I need for work. I'm easily confused!)

Sky Blue

Gonna be a writer said...

Welcome anonymous Sky Blue and don't worry. I too have half a dozen passwords or so for various reasons and I am always finding myself going through a few of them before I get to the right one.
That's really interesting that you sent a Christmas story off in March. I think that is the earliest yet but you were accepted so it was the right time for that magazine I suppose.