Sunday, 2 November 2008

A pocket full of paper

Yesterday I didn't get the chance to do any writing - you know the day job and all that. However, for some reason, I did get a lot of ideas for short stories. it was bizarre. I just kept thinking of them. I wrote them all down and even outlined a couple in a bit more detail. So I now have a pocket stuffed full of bits of paper. I'm sure a lot of them will come to nothing but at least it gives me something to work on. Or at least it will if I remember to empty the pocket before I put it in the washing machine.


Annie Wicking said...

So it wasn't a wasted day after all, GBW. Even if the only thing I've done in a day is put together an idea, for a story, character or a chapter. I feel I've taken one step towards my goal.

Just remember to go through your pockets my dear friend.

Best wishes,

Gonna be a writer said...

There's more to this writing lark than putting pen to paper. I'm going to go through that pocket right now.

KAREN said...

I got very organised a couple of days ago (a rare occurrence) and typed all my recently scribbled story ideas into a Word document.

I'm full of cold now, so I was obviously coming down with something :o)

Gonna be a writer said...

Sorry to hear about your cold Karen - hope you're feeling better soon.