Monday, 20 October 2008

Writing and other important stuff

This morning I made a determined effort to be more professional. I set myself up with my laptop and pads on the kitchen table instead of it being on my knee with me in my favourite chair and set to work. I allowed myself 15-20 minutes to check on a few blogs, write a few emails and take care of a bit of banking and then it was nose to the grindstone time.
I am happy to report that I feel like I have accomplished such a lot in the last couple of hours. I decided that I would carry on where I left off yesterday with my book and okay there may only be 300 or so extra words than there were yesterday but I have written a lot more given that I have chopped chunks out here and there. The plan for this morning was to make the relationship between my two central characters more interesting from the start and I hope that I've succeeded at least a little. I have decided that I need to get the reader to connect straight away with my central character and then see the secondary one through their eyes.
This afternoon I think I'm going to type up some of the short stories that I have written in long hand with a view to getting them submitted in the next week or so. And then I'm going to make a goulash. I know it's not writing but it's food and that's important too.
The only annoying thing is that apart from Sunday I'm not going to get chance to have a day like this for another two weeks and I've enjoyed it so much.


Pat Posner said...

Sounds like you've achieved a lot this morning, Gonna be, it's a great feeling when tweaks turn out right.
Making goulash sounds good as well.

Gonna be a writer said...

My trouble is knowing when to stop tweaking.

Annie Wicking said...

Hi there GBW,

It's a great start... Be just remember a little and often is a great way to get started even if all you can do is make notes about characters or sketch out an idea in your notebook. I find this help me when I do have time to sit down at my computer.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.
Happy to have another writer on board.

best wishes

Gonna be a writer said...

Cheers Annie, I know you try to write at least something every day and I admire your discipline - and the fact that you get up at 4.30 to write.
BTW I should mention that I take my tea black no sugar and not too strong