Sunday, 19 October 2008


I've spent the last couple of hours going over the sample chapters that I sent to the last agent as well as re reading the letter that they sent me. Reading it again (and I think I may have mentioned this before) she didn't actually say that she didn't like G just that she wondered if he would work as a character. Well like i have also said in the past he is vital to the dynamic of the story so he can't be cut out so therefore I have to make him more interesting which hopefully I have gone some way to doing. it will however involve a major re-write but ho hum c'est la vie and all that.
I did manage to add 1000 words to the three chapters that I looked at. Not that more words mean a better story but I think in this case it is.
I'm also going to ask one of my dearest friends to have a look at it. And I can hear it already, some of you are saying that she will only say good things about it but I can assure you she won't. She is a commissioning editor for a major art company in America so she is used to being objective. i'll just ask her to put her "work" head on when she reads it. The three agents that I have sent it to have all said that the writing is good so I guess I need to make the story more interesting.
I'll let you know what my friend says though it may be a while before she gets back to me and also keep you abreast of how the re-write is going. maybe I should have one of those widgety things that calistro has to show how it's going.
Must go, the laptops about to run out of juice which must mean it's time for a cuppa.

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