Thursday, 30 October 2008

No news might be good news.

Remember the stories that I had to resubmit because apparently the magazine had lost them? They were the ones that I was expecting to be rejected straight away because I thought a sub editor had forgotten to send a rejection slip before deleting the email attachments.
Well they weren't rejected straight away - it's been a couple of weeks. But they weren't accepted immediately either though they never have been before from this magazine. So I guess they're still in with a chance.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed...

Annie Wicking said...

I find if I start working on a new project it helps me to forget about the waiting game for awhile.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Like you, I'm playing the waiting as I wait to hear about two short shories.

Best wishes, my dear friend. ((Hug)) I hope you enjoy the hot cuppa I've left for you too.


Gonna be a writer said...

That cuppa was great thanks Annie. It always tastes better when someone else makes it. I've always got lots of things on the go - that's part of my problem I think, not concentrating on anything. What I am actually working on right now or at least after I've finished on my blog is a travel article.