Thursday, 8 November 2007

Mixed day

Bad news from Australia, or rather no news which amounts to the same thing. They said that if I hadn't heard from them by Thursday tea time they wouldn't be taking the matter any further. As they were sitting down to tea in Melbourne while I was asleep and there was no email waiting for me this morning I'm guessing that'll be a no. C'est la vie, it's all part of a writers life. However I have just heard from the publishers of the erotic stories that I have written in the past (or rather the one's Roxie wrote) that they are going to be available on audio download. So I will get paid twice. Hoorah!!! If there's one thing better than getting paid once, it's getting paid twice.
I was thinking about what I wrote here yesterday and I thought it was a little depressing. However when I thought about it I realised that I am experiencing things and feeling emotions that I never knew existed so at least when it's all over I'll have lots of new things to write about.

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