Monday, 12 November 2007

Free verse - poetry or not?

You may or may not have noticed the verses that appear on my blog. I am reluctant to call them poetry and don't pretend that they are because I'm afraid I can't get away from the theory that poetry should rhyme. It's probably a generation thing. I read a lot (or see the articles at least) in writing magazines about free verse and it confuses me. Isn't free verse just a series of thoughts written on seperate lines rather than just a normal sentence? That's the way I see the stuff I write anyway. But maybe that's just me.
I'm not saying that its wrong - just that I don't understand it.


Anonymous said...

For my money, it doesn't matter. Who cares what it's called if we like reading it?

We know you
And we love you
How could we not?
You are you.

Gonna be a writer said...