Tuesday, 26 June 2007

This is me

This is me
I was born in Yorkshire in the 1960's and raised on a less than elegant council estate.
I now live in the North East of England with himself, sons number one and two, and a dog.
For many years I've said that I want to be a writer and in the last 18 months have had minor success in the short story market. I have also written a full length novel that has just been rejected for the third time. (Maybe I should take the hint.)
But today I decided that it was time to get serious.Today I've stopped saying that I want to be a writer and started saying that I'm going to be a writer. That is to say that I am going to earn my living as a writer. I have a day job to pay the bills which I happen to enjoy but it's not what I want to do and I look forward to the day thatI can give it up and earn my living from writing.
That journey begins today and I'd like to invite you to walk the road with me.

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