Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My secret life

My Secret Life
Okay so I write, what's wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with that but I still keep it a secret.
Himself knows that I do it but I don't think that he thinks I 'm serious about it..No that's not true, I think he does realise what I want from writing but I don't think he expects it to happen. Becoming novelists is not the sort of thong that kids from an inner city council estate do. Not from the council estates that we were brought up on anyway. On our estates if you had a job you were practically middle class. So although Himself indulges my dream I don't think he expects anything to come of it.
As for the kids I don't think it enters their heads that I write stories. They probably assume that all the hours I spend on my laptop I'm either shopping or surfing the net for things that interest women of a certain age.
My friends and the people that I work with know that I had a story in a book about a year ago that was sold in aid of a charity but they don't know that I'm serious about it. Only one of my closest friends know about my secret life. She is a Californian artist and her support is invaluable.
My family don't know that I had an erotic story printed in an anthology earlier this year and used a pseudonym in case my mum came across it. The truth is that is she saw my name on the front of a book she was reading she'd just think that it was written by someone with the same name as me. Like I said, writing stories isn't something that people like us do.
Well it is now and they'll realise that when I'm on Richard and Judy and my books are on the best sellers list.

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