Thursday, 28 June 2007

Rejection and stuff

My novel was rejected the other day which was disappointeing after them having had it for so long. The thing to remember though is that it is just one persons opinion and it was the work that they rejected and not me personally. I'll send it to the next agent on the list later this week. Someone who was in one of the anthologies I had a story published in has given me the name of their agent so I'll try them. Maybe a personal recommendation will be the thing to swing it.

I also had a couple of short stories rejected this week too. Bummer!!!!!

Once a week I normally set myself writing tasks but as I'm away next week with the day job I'm only setting myself a couple of things.

1. Finish the assignment for my creative writing course that I've been working on forever. I must post that before Monday.

2. Polish a Christmas article and send it to my chosen magazine. Again I need to post this before I leave on Monday.

3. Prepare to send my novel to the agent that was suggested to me. (I emailed them 2 minutes ago to find out if they wanted the mss by post or email)

4. Look at a couple of other agents that have also been suggested to me in case this one doesn't pan out. It's always good to have a contingency plan.

I rarely achieve everything that I say I will in a week because I over estimate the amount of time I'll be able to write. Life just gets in the way.

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