Sunday, 14 February 2016

What to do

I'm reading a book at the minute that's set in "Dickensian" England and when I was a few pages in I declared (out loud) that it was written by an American. Nothing wrong with that. The give away was that a character got his "check book" out. Turns out I was right (just call me Sherlock) and the book is written by a group of journalists from the New York Times that "love"  that period. So I'm still reading this book because I am interested in what happens but I am constantly on the look out for more "Americanisms". Today's was when a character put something in the pocket of his pants. Oh I should have said that the story is told in the first person by an English gentleman. He would not say pants. However, the biggest faux pas (so far - still a hundred pages to go) was when they said that the nursery rhyme line "and pretty maids all in a row" has something to do with the killing of Lady Jane Grey. Well it may well be because I've got no idea but I do know that it wasn't Mary Queen of Scots that was responsible for it. Wrong person methinks. Part of me wants to email them and point out these things like the "English rose" who describes some bloke as a prick but another part of me tells me to behave and just enjoy the story.

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