Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hack at Heart

I'm well into the first draft of NRIMH but I was a bit lost about where it was going. Thanks to a proverbial lightning strike  though I now know where I'm going with it which excites me because I want to get on with it and frustrates me because I'm really busy with the day job so I can't get to write as much as I would like.
I sent a short story off the other day - its a long tome since I had any success in that department. I thought just after I got the contract that maybe I should give up on the short stories and concentrate on the book but the truth is that I always saw myself writing different things and no just fiction. I really enjoy researching non fiction too. Hell I've even been known to write the odd poem. I think I'm just a hack at heart. 
On a different note we had a new sofa delievered today which is well overdue. So what if the old one was a but shabby? It was so darned comfy.


Teresa Ashby said...

It's funny how those lightning strikes seem to come out of the blue - but it's your subconscious working away in the background I think.
I have a very comfy old sofa which I refuse to get rid of. Trouble is, when anyone sits on it, they almost disappear :-) xx

Colette McCormick said...

My old sofa was like that too. Lovely x