Friday, 12 February 2016

Quick chat

Oh my its nippy.
Just thought I'd pop over and say hello.
I'm on holiday next week and just have to work tomorrow but that'll be an ok sort of day so given that I'm not doing a lot today its like being in holiday already. I did grocery shopping this morning, then a bit of ironing, I've caught up with some admin and got about 500 "new" words down on NRMIH so I'm feeling very chilled. Going to have a cup of tea and watch last night's "Elementary" before meeting up with Himself for a late lunch though you could probably call it tea because I don't think I'll want to eat again later. Hey this body can afford to miss a meal. especially after the other day when I had to sent a photo of myself of to the publisher. I mean I'm not HUGE but I could do with dropping a pound or two. The steroids make that progress slow but I'll give it a go.
Not much else to report this week. Life is jogging along quite nicely. The day job is tickety boo and the night job will hopefully come along better this week. There were other things that needed to be done last week, connected to the book but not actual writing so I know the 500 words I mentioned earlier don't sound like a lot but I'm easing my way in gently.
Anyway must go. Johnny Lee Miller is calling my name as is the tea pot.

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