Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Full steam ahead

Well not quite full steam but certainly steamier than it was. No, not in that sense. I just mean that it is moving again.
What is? I hear you cry.
NMBK - that's what. You remember - novel number 2.
Its been on the back burner for a few months while I anguished over what to do with BTL (so far unpublished first novel but will be one day) but now that that's sorted in my head at least I can go back to NMBK which is currently around 25k words. Also as some of you know I struggle sometimes with fitting everything in but I have at last come up with a way of
a)working on the non fiction which while not my day job does help to pay the bills and makes me work to deadlines
b) having time to work on my novel on a regular basis.
So everyone is happy - well me at least.
Fiction is my first love, though I still don't have my mojo for writing short stories back yet. I do however love working on my novel - you know on this world that lives in my head.
There is a lot of conflict in the world in my head though so I am currently reading through what I have already written to get back into the heads of the people that live there and remember how they were feeling when I left off. As I recall, T was angry, M was scared and R was just the arrogant so and so he's always been.


Frances Garrood said...

Colette, I found that as soon as I started writing novels the short story bug went. And I need to get it back, because it (sometimes) was a very useful source of income.I had a cheque for foreign rights the other day, and it reminded me how nice those little cheques were!

Good luck with the novel(s).

Colette McCormick said...

I was ridiculously happy the other week when I got an incredibly small royalty payment for a story I wrote a couple of years ago. Sush a nice feeling - like the story is still out there earning its corn.